High power LED high bay light, using high brightness LED chip, high transmission radiator, lamp shade adjusting beam angle. It can be widely used in energy-intensive, large amount electricity, long time using electricity environment. This product is equipped with a Microwave Motion Sensor. When somebody/ something is close to the detection zone, the light turns on automatically. Dimming can be adjusted to a specified brightness and totally turn off at a stated time. Furthermore, with insufficient ambient light, the sensor will switch ON. It can solve industrial electricity waste effectively


• Wide detection area, range up to 16m in diameter and mounting height Max 15M.
• Suitable for warehouse use.
• Special clip for installation easy to be fixed with high bay.
•The Microwave motion sensor is innovative and active motion detectors with HF system 5.8GHz. Motion can be detected through plastic, glass and thin non-metal materials. Except the higher mounting height Max.15m.
•5 years warranty


•Operating voltage: 120~277Vac, 50Hz/60Hz
•Rated load: 400W@120Vac, 800W@220-277Vac
•HF system : 5.8GHz±75MHz, ISM wave band
•Transmitting power : <0.5mW
•Power consumption: ≤0.8W(standby), <1.5W(operation)
•Detection zone :Max.(D x H): 16m x 15m
•Detection sensitivity : 100% / 50% Apply to ON and OFF
•Hold time: 5s/ 30s/ 90s/ 3min/ 20min/ 30min Apply to ON and OFF
•Daylight sensor : 50lux/ 100lux/ 200lux/ Disable Apply to DIM function
•Stand-by period : 5s/ 5min/ 10min/ 30min/ 1h/ Disable Apply to DIM function
•Stand-by dimming level :10%/ 20%/ 30%/ 50% Apply to DIM function
•Mounting height : 15m Max
•Motion detection :0.5~3m/s
•Detection angle :360°(ceiling installation)
•Operating temperature :-35°C ~ 45°C