LED Multipurpose Lights

LED Planar high bay light / LED Planar Flood lights is a new kind of energy-saving lights , green replacement of conventional high bay lighting fixture technologies such as high pressure sodium (HPS) and metal halide (MH) . It helps to keep your electricity expenses down monthly. Traditional light bulbs owns some distinguished features like high energy consumption, short life, which are out of date and gradually been forbidden by most of countries . The lamp body is made of high- quality aluminum alloy material, with unique air convection design, the heat dissipation performance of the lamp is greatly improved. Adopted the low light decay and high-lumen LED as light source , energy-saving and of long lifespan . The driver part adopts the constant current drive power supply with high accuracy, high efficiency, stable performance and no strobe.


• Energy Saving. Saving 85%-90% power than traditional halogen lamp.
• Advanced super long life and stable driver
•Professional thermal management.
• Instant working after turn on , no warm up time required.
• No noise, no flickering
• No UV or IR radiation in the beam, mercury free.
• Anti-shock, anti-moisture.
• Aluminum alloy body.
• Eco-friendly. No mercury and other harmful materials
• 5 years warranty


Workshop, warehouse, toll station, gas station, supermarket, gymnasium, exhibition hall, and other public lighting places