Lyte Master LED bulb is designed and manufactured to replace the incandescent/halogen bulb and CFL, the superior SMD LED solution and purity aluminium material makes the luminous efficacy high to 65LM/W, it is of excellent heat managed by conjoint structure which maintains the housing surface temperature under 45°C, and LED joint temperature under 45°C


•Excellent heat management
•SMD LED solution
•Superior high quality bulb
•Environmental friendly
• Reduce electricity cost
• Energy saving perfect replacement for incandescent/halogen and CFL
•2 years warranty.

Heat Sink

•Private purity aluminium heat sink
•Excellent heat management by conjoined structure
•Anodic oxidation or sand blasting heat sink exterior
•Thermal conductivity is 220W/M.K
•The temperature difference between the LED joint and housing surface is within 4-12Deg.


•Model No :LM-010-BLPECW-5W
•Power Dissipation :5W
•AC Input Voltage :AC110/ 220V
•Color Temperature :2700-7000K
•Luminous efficacy :95 lm/W
•Light Source:LED Bridgelux USA
• Power Factor :0.9
•Driver efficacy :90%
•Beam Angle :150°
•Weight :32g
•Warranty :2 years
•Lifespan :25,000hrs


•The working voltage for LED bulbs is AC110/220V.please make sure the working voltage is AC110/220V before you connected the bulbs to the power supply.
•The power supply for the bulb is AC110/220V;prohibit any contact to the metal part of bulb base after connected the power supply to avoid the electric shock.
•Please check whether any bulbs damage caused by delivery or not before you unpacked and prepare to use the bulbs.if yes,please don’t use it and inform the supplier
•Please follow the instructions and cautions on the leaflet so as to ensure the safe usage and the good condition of products.any damage or defect caused by failure to comply with the leaflet is out of the suppliers responsibility.
•Please don’t connect the bulbs to the power supply promptly when the environmental temperature is surging because the origin generated heat stream can spoil the products.You are strongly recommended to do the connection after the product is in room temperature. Because outer covering temperature can amount to 45°C, keep the bulbs away from these heat-sensitive equipments.