Lyte Master Explosive proof LED lighting fixtures are designed for general illumination of explosion hazard areas of all classes as per explosion protection marking. The lighting fixture consists of a powder-coated aluminum frame. Protective glass rear projection element is extra strong, has high rear projection property. Inside the lighting fixture there is a reflector, LED driver, LED light sources and terminals. Inside and outside the lighting fixture there are earthing bolts.Most of which provide the possibility of transit cable laying.


•Patented design for heat dissipation to ensure life of light source up to 50000 hours.
•Bridgelux LED chip; die casting aluminum housing„ with anti-static and anti-corrosion powder painting, high explosion proof grade of flameproof type; dust-proof, waterproof,lens made of high tempered glass which special designed to different beam angle.
•Low power consumption while high light efficiency, power consumption just 20% as much as high pressure sodium lamp, mercury lamp at the same luminous condition, it saves energy more than 75% than that traditional light.
•Advanced quadratic light distribution design result in high uniformity of illumination and good lighting quality, clear lighting effect without a double image.
• Beautiful appearance, several types of installation methods available.
•5 years warranty.


Applied to oil fields, oil refineries, offshore oil platform, power plants, gas stations, oil tanks, wharf, tunnel, pumping station, substation, the military base,etc. Zone I and Zone II Hazardous Locations, Zone 20, Zone 21, Zone 22 and II A, II B, II C explosive gas atmosphere.


•Model :LM-028- EXBFCW-60W/80W/100W/120W
•Rated power :60/80/100/120W
• Ex mark :E Ex dIIB T5
•IP Grade:IP66
•Corrosion-proof Grade :WF2
•Input voltage:AC110/220v(applied to 90-305V)
•Input frequency :50/60HZ
•Beam angle :60°/90°/120°/140°/140°(transversely) 70°(vertically)
•Actual Luminous Efficiency :80-90lm/W (LED itself:100lm/W)
•Color temperature:Warm white: 2700-4500K/pure white 5000- 6500K
•Power factor:>0.9
•Ambient Temperature:– 40°C ~ 50°C
•Net Weight:6.3Kg
•Paching size:380x380x320mm