LED Bollards:Developments in LED technology enable far more flexibility and creativity for lighting within street furniture than was previously possible. The LED bollard product allows designers to integrate lighting that enhances the surroundings and promotes a safe atmosphere across parks and campus environments. The lower level lighting offered by the LED bollard works as an enhancement to traditional street lighting. Ideally suited for lighting paths, pedestrian walkways and parks, integrated LED lighting in bollards can work as an architectural feature, enhancing available space as well as lighting the way. . The luminaries are IP65, with a sealed optic and an integral internal driver, delivering reliability and protection against the elements for the whole lifetime of the product.Designed to be extremely robust and vandal resistant,meaning that both the luminaries and the bollards themselves will resist minor bumps to major impacts. For high risk areas, this can be further enhanced with embellishments affording additional vandal resistance. A further benefit of this is the ease of customisation. Whilst the original product looks great and works extremely well, embellishments such as a brushed stainless steel finish with bespoke laser cut logos can be easily added. 8 LEDs totalling 11 watts are encased in each bollard offering extremely clear and clean white lighting around the whole bollard.


•IP66 sealed head (optic) assembly with integral LED driver
•IK10 impact resistance and real-world vandal resistant design
•UV stable polycarbonate protector with option for diffused or transparent finish
•8 LED 11W optic with symmetric and asymmetric variants
• Wide ambient operating temperature range -40°C to +45°C @ 350mA


•Parks and gardens
•Cycle paths,Pedestrian walkways
•Industrial walkways,Entrances
•Parking areas


•Optic tightness level :IP66
•Impact resistance :IK10
• Nominal voltage :230V – 50Hz
•Electrical insulation class :I
•Power consumption @ 350mA :11W
•Colour temperature (Standard):Neutral White
• Weight :22kg
•Surge protection :10kV
•Operating temp range :-40°C to + 45°C

Key Features

•Distinctive design
•High performance LED photometry
•Low glare
•Low power
•Low maintenance
• On-site adjustability
• Robust, vandal resistant design
• Ingress protection – IP66
• Impact resistance – IK10
•Available in various colours