High power LED inground light, fashionable and beautiful appearance. The light body uses the design of increasing heat dissipation space; the buried barrel adopts aluminum alloy compression moulding forming. Surface with anodizing treatment has the stronger structure and anti-corrosion capability, that its thermal conductivity is 200 times higher than the normal project plastics meet the LED light body requirement for heat conduct to the outside of concrete and land, fully ensure the stability and long lifespan of LED fixture.


•Stainless steel faceplate, high pressure die casting light body, surface with electrostatic plastic coating. Lampshade adopts high strength toughened glass, resist the impact and friction.
•Adopt American CREE / Bridge lux original LED light source, high flux output, excellent consistency of light color, Constant current driver with PMW gray control installed inside, RGB gray level reaches to 65,536 degree equally, make the light result much beautiful.
• Powerful DMX512 interface adopts high reliable bus connect all has the function of automatic addressing.


•Palm trees
•Wall illuminations