Lyte Master Spot Light is specially economic LED Spot lamp series, exceptionally high perfomance LED lamps and low price. It is a premium quality solid state lightning product precisely engineered and manufactured with state of the art technologies and materials. Propritary driving circuit enables SPOT LIGHT to replace traditional incandescent/halogen lamp, upto 40watt, directly without additional modification or transformer


•Highly cost-effective.
•Can replace the conventional spot lights, soft lights.
•Material: Aluminium (shell)+(PC)(Top).
•Available shell Colours:3W: silver, 4W: black, silver.
• Lens Type: 3W: Clear, dot, 4W: Clear.
•High Brightness LED’s.
•Efficient heat dissipation.
•Low heat, No UV, No IR.
•Life Span: 40,000 hours.
•Standard Warranty: 2 years.
•2 years warranty.


Widely used in the Hotels, Meeting Rooms, Offices, Hospitals, Schools, Factories, Commercial Lightings, Shopping Malls, Super Markets, Kitchens, Backlights, Home Indoor Lighting and so on.


•The product is strictly prohibited to be used in these conditions:
•For fixtures and circuits with dimming functions:(neither with 100% full brightness).
• For fixtures with internal control circuits(not including those which are officially allowed).
•For conventional direction lamp or exit lights.
•For mercury vapour lamps,sodium lamps or HID lamps.
•For air tight or mechanically sealed fixtures.


•Don’t install it around a humid environment or place which has water drops.
•Don’t drop, scratch or squeeze the bulb.
•Don’t take apart the product or replace mechanical and electronic components.
•Care needs to be taken that the light fixture with the bulb is a safe distance from paper,fabric or other in-flammables.
•Tighten the bulb base into socket in case to prevent falling out
•Don’t touch the bulb body with fingers after it works for some times as the body temperature is quite warm.
• Do not stare at the strong light for a long time as it may cause injury to eyes.