Lyte Master Strip light from LyteMaster is a revolutionary product to create a new underwater experience and also for various commercial and retail accent lighting applications.This lamp has brillant texture, apperance, superior intergrated heat disspation platform and precise secondary light reflector technology. LyteMaster LED strip lights brings the benefits of low heat and low power consumption, High power 5050 LED, high color rendering index and appropriate beam angle make merchandise and showpiece attractive and appealing.


•Continous length flexible LED light strips
•5 meters/roll, cuttable every 5cm
•Runs on 12-volt systems like solar cell charged battires
•Super bright SMD top LED
• Solid-state, high shock or vibration resistant
• Major reduction in power costs
• 120-degree wide angle illumination
• No RF interference
• Maintenance free, with 3m adhesive tape on the back for easy installation • Long life: 100,000+ hours (10+ years); white LED: 50,000+ hours.
•Low power consumption, high intensity.
•2 years warranty.


•Meets the general and decoration lighting environment such as:
•Architectural decorative lighting.
•Archway, canopy and bridge edge lighting.
•Ameusement Park, theater andaircraft cabin mood lighting.
•Emgerency hallway lighting.
•Auditorium walkway lighting.
•Stairway accent lighting.
•Cancealed lighting.
•Backlighting for signage letters
•Channels letter lighting.
•Emergency exit path lighting.


•Product Model :LM-011- SR5XCW-14W
•Maximum power per meter :14.4
•Maximum power per roll :72W
•Light source :5050
•PCB thickness :0.25mm
•PCB material:Polyimide
• PCB color :White/black/yellow
•Luminescence angle :120
•Luminescence decay :<15°/0 (10,000Hs)
•Life span :50,000Hs
•Storage temperature :-30°C to +45°C
•Operating temperature :-30°C to +45°C
•Maximum current per meter :1.2A
•Maximum current per roll :6A
•Operating humidity :30%~85%
•Led quantity :3
•Maximum connection length :5m
•Power connection mode :Wire or 5521 DC wire
•Package Type :Lectrostatic prevention package
•Product weight :0.235kg
•Waterproof measures :Silicone tube
•IP grade :IP67
•Safety Certification :UL/CE/ROHS


•Prohibit using this product in excess of the operating voltage (DC12V) 5%.
•Waterproof product and the working environment humidity is less than 60%.
•Don’t add reverse voltage at both ends of the product.
•Products using outdoor environment (waterproof) is -30°C to +45°C,it would work outside such environment.
•No weights extrusion,excessive Meander
• Life span is 50000h
• Standard length:5 meters/reel or 8 meter/reel.
•Ribbon width:single colour 8mm,RGB tri-color-A 1 Omm,RGB tri-colour-B 12mm.
• Printed circuit board thickness: single colour 0.25mm,RGB tri-colour 0.2mm.


The strip is waterproof silicone tube and epoxy filled inside. Linear separable LED strip on flexible printed circuit board with self-adhesive back. Each unit of 3 LEDs can be cut out as a regular seg ment without damaging the rest ribbon. The connector is being upgraded. We will keep customers to be informed.