Our focus is to promote quality product and service to our client. We maintain the trust of our client not only through promised words but by performance. We believe in respect, honesty, ethics and integrity. Over the Last decade, we have been  experiencing significant growth, and our goal is to continue to grow profitability and grow globally. To achieve this goal, we have a  cultural built on integrity, transparency and candor. We have been building this culture into our company for years and making  continuous improvements every day. We work as a partner with our clients and we cooperate as one company, sharing a common set of values.

Dr. James Palamuttem
(Chairman and President of Lyte Master )
  • Mr. Jacob Mathew
    Managing Director of Lyte Master
    GmbH Germany
  • Mr. Brian Conneely
    Regional Head of Lyte Master
  • Ms. Slaveya Ivanova
    Regional Head of Lyte Master
  • Mr. Jacob James
    Regional Head of
    Saudi Arabia & Bahrain
  • Mr. Joseph James
    Regional Head of
    United Arab Emirates
  • Mr. Dinesh K Babu
    Regional Head of
    India & Kuwait